Lease Offer for 2020 X4!

Hi guys,

I’m very bad when it comes to leasing cars! Wanted to get your thoughts if this is a good deal or not.

2020 BMW X4 xDrive 30i (Loaner Car with 4,338 miles)

MSRP: $54,235
Sale Price: $51,388 on advertisement

I called them and they said they’ll do a sale price of $47,726

10k Miles, 36 Months
Residual: 55%
Money Factor: .00082

$1,400 Drive off and $609/month tax included. I don’t have loyalty and I live in So Cal

Was wonder if the money factor /Residual was correct?
What do I need to target off MSPR for a 4k mile loaner?

I feel like I can negotiate more but not sure how!

Thank you guys so much! Much appreciated in advance.

You can get the MF and residual from Edmounds forum.
for a 4k mile loaner, probably 13-15% off MSRP before incentives?

Edmunds forum

How does the deal look when you plug it into the calculator?

They gave you exactly a 12% discount, your getting your residual hit for $800 so your net savings is closer to 10.5%, not good for a car with 4K, you can get another 2% discount by just articulating that. Push for 4% and be happy with 3%. (15% discount) should lower your payment $40-45 a month. Ultimately the “best deal” is the one your happy with. There will always be people that paid more and some that paid less. Just be content!

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Does this look like a decent deal. Or I could do much better. This is with 0 MSDs.

This one is new so maybe push for another 1%, need to throw your numbers in the calculator and verify the MF

Thanks so much for the tip!

I’m down to $1,400 drive off and $575/month.
Any thoughts?

I think you saved $1000! Congrats! Enjoy the car!

Well, I spoke to soon, and they called me today to say they cant go under $609/mo, $1,400 drive off.

I did mentioned that I am getting a residual hit for $800 so my net savings is closer to 10.5%, but maybe I didn’t explain it well. Can you please elaborate further on that so I can maybe deliver that home better?

Also, any other recommendations to bring up as an argument would be great! I really appreciate the forum and all the help!

This is frustrating but it is making my first time negotiating a lease very much easier!

On a loaner the residual value is adjusted down based on the mileage. So if you’re getting a 15% discount off MSRP (just an example) but the RV is being lowered by 2% because of mileage (again…just an example) then the effective discount is only 13% because it increases the capitalized cost of the lease.

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Got it, and thanks for the info!
This is the offer I got. Any thoughts? Should I do it?

That’s only 12.5% off on a demo. It’s probably an “average” deal but as others have said…there’s certainly more wiggle room there.

@mllcb42. Any thoughts on this post…

Apologize if you did the deal yet, but did you look at 2021 new X4s? Just my personal experience, they sometimes end up being cheaper to lease than a leftover 2020 model loaner.