Lease number please 2016 nissan murano

Hi Hackrs,

Help please on lease numbers for a-

2016 Nissan Murano FWD w/ platinum package
12k year
So Cal 92110

I’m a newbie at leasing. Assistance please is much appreciated! Thank you

2016 Murano FWD Platinum
24/12K: 60% residual, .00024 MF
36/12K: 53% residual, .00024 MF
All: $1,400 lease cash + $1,000 bonus cash
Targeted: $750 Grad

Did they just increase the lease cash? I was told $700 by a dealership earlier this month.

Here’s the numbers I got last night. Please advise. Thank you

There’s a reasonable amount of lease cash on the vehicle, but they aren’t giving you much of a discount on the sale price. I know someone who just purchased that exact car (43 mrsp) and they got it for about 31 after rebate and trade in (3k value on trade in). Granted it was the dealer calling them multiple times, so I figure they were meeting a quota or something. But I’d try to at least go under 40 for the sale price. Try for at least 10% off MRSP imo

The fully loaded Murano is a pretty nice vehicle, only gripe about it I had was the cars voice controls were beyond subpar. You can only use the car to send about 5 predetermined text messages and it takes several voice commands to do so, miles behind what you might be used to with Apple or Google where can send any string of text with one command. The lighter interior looks very nice as do the wheels. 360 camera view when parking is fantastic. Panoramic roof is gorgeous. AWD, heated everything, interior lighting, Adaptive cruise which is a god send for stop and go highway traffic, emergency braking, blind spot, etc are all fantastic.

Thanks for the advice! Anyone got a hook up in Socal with nissan please let me know! Thanks