Lease Now or Purchase my Lease and wait?

Hey guys, looking for some advice here as I’m so conflicted.

Currently leasing a 2018 BMW 330i. My lease expires this month and I really don’t know what to do.

My current payment is $412, and the closest I’ve gotten for a new 330i is $560.

My payoff on my vehicle is $29,500. From what I’ve gathered, given the age and mileage (39k) my car is probably worth about 25k.

Should I purchase out my vehicle and continue to scan the market until I find another good deal to jump on? Or should I bite the bullet and get into a more expensive lease and just take it as what it is, a sh*tty time to be car shopping.

My biggest worry for purchasing the vehicle is maintenance and if I become underwater on the financing when I do find another car to jump on.

I greatly appreciate all your help and advice. This website has really educated me over the years, and my last lease would not have been possible without you all here.

It sounds like purchasing it is going to put you $5k upside down out of the gate, and that’s with the current inflated used car values. If/when those start to stabilize, that’s going to get much worse.

I’d try to extend your lease for as long as possible.

Lease was already extended 2 months which is the maximum allowed without a new BMW on purchase.

No, you can extend it up too 6 months, with another bmw on order or commitment to buy. Im on the same boat! Ive got a 2018 320xi up on september. Do I buy or do I lease another, or build another which will take 4 months, by the time it gets here, hopefully the bubble will burst.

Correct. The $560 offer I’ve gotten is for a new build. Vehicle would take 60-90 days.

It’s not a binary choice between buying this car and leasing another 330i at inflated prices.

Lease or purchase something else after your last extension is done.

I’m well aware… I gave the price quote of a new 330i as a comparison to my current payment to illustrate the issue I have at hand.

But while you’re here, what have you seen leasing well in the $400’s range? Struggling to find anything worthwhile honestly.

Buying the car out makes no sense so it’s not even an option… go buy a different used car that’s more reliable and may hold its value better. Why start over $4k in the hole?

FL is always a tough market but I feel like there are ok deals to be had on a 3 series or go with a less desirable BMW car like an X1/X2 which are offered at 8-10% off today by brokers. May just require a road trip on your end.

Have you look at swapalease for anything reasonable to hold you over? $400 is a decent monthly budget to find something.

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