Lease Newbie.Chevy Bolt 2021 Guidance needed

Hello All,

New to the Hackr Forum and my first post. Trying to get a Chevy bolt lease.
Please see attached image. The incentives include Lease cash 4000,Costco 3000,Incremental CCR 1000.

Can I do any better? I also qualify for supplier would it stack with the above?
Also should I wait and lease 2022 EV as it has lower msrp if same discounts apply?


Be sure to specify your location when asking for input on a deal! Tagging by state (e.g. CA, NJ, NY) is mandatory.

Hey, I’m in NY (not metro area at all) and got Premier MSRP $4x,xxx for $295 driveoff and $295 monthly and still dealing more.
I think the problem is that they are not giving any discount for dealer discount.
The unicorn deals are with as much rebates as you can (around $14,000) and dealer discount of about 10% from MSRP.
I’m trying to look around other states and dealers and the most I found on the dealer website that already reflects dealer discount was like 7%.
So maybe try doing this? But it’s also seller’s market and I have VERY limited stock within 100 miles of my town (because I’m looking for Premier also), so I am taking that into consideration also.

A full MSRP deal is not a good deal

We always recommend the following method before you ever contact a dealership. If you do all of the work up front, you’ll have a stress free dealer experience and set yourself for success.

  1. Read Leasing 101 (Blog | LEASEHACKR) to understand how to calculate a lease payment and the variables. Monthly payment is an output, not an input!!
  2. Pick a specific vehicle that you want to target
  3. Gather the current MF, RV and incentives from Edmunds forums for your zip code
  4. Research the LH marketplace and other deals that have been made recently on your vehicle - what was their pre-incentive discount? How did their lease terms differ?
  5. Plug your numbers into the LH calculator (CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR), and use a pre-incentive discount similar to what you have seen
  6. Create a target deal, this is what you’re trying to negotiate to. You can try different terms, selling price discount, etc. and see how your monthly payment is affected. It is also possible that different trims of your vehicle may have different MF and RV (i.e. this is very common with GM), so make sure that you look into that. Come up with a set of inputs that give you the output that you want - your desired monthly payment.

With a target price determined, you now have a deal to pursue and compare dealer offers against. More importantly, you have a solid foundation to work from.

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Thanks I will try and do that, but its difficult to find much inventory in the south.

Thanks for you advice, I agree buying at full msrp is not a good deal.
However dealers are unwilling to come down due to low inventory. Especially the south is not a huge EV market with readily available rebates by states etc.

On my other will the supplier discount stack with (The incentives include Lease cash 4000,Costco 3000,Incremental CCR 1000.)


Feel free to search the Marketplace here to see if a brokers or dealer might be able to help. Some arrange shipping, or you can arrange yourself, but for a deal in this market I would scour the entire US. Like you said, not much inventory.

Good luck!

Every $1k in dealer discount saves you about $30/month.

I totally agree!

I need to update my thread also, but I was going to wait until tomorrow when I get the car for real.
But I want to encourage you so…
I just got an offer of $245 first month, $245 monthly payment with all rebates and small discount (it didn’t show me discount but I was so happy with $245) from a dealership that’s 1.5 hours away!
MSRP is $44,060 Premier and the color I wanted!

I literally emailed almost every dealership in my state near me.
This dealership seems to be great. No hassle at all and I just gave my rebates and he gave me number and that was it.
I can of course try to go lower, but I am just tired and this is the color I want (oasis blue) and trim.
So I’ll go for it and update it tomorrow once I really get the car in my thread.

Good luck!! You can do this!

I will keep trying.

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Hi ,

Need some help with calc to match dealers quote. Dealer says monthly Payment is 233 without tax.I Cannot match the numbers ,here is my link [Lease Calc] .(CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR)


I’m at $234 pretax - Dealer / doc fees might be incorrect which impacts drive off amount.

You have a 1117 dealer discount + 1759 dealer add-ons.

Thank You. I see now the Lease cash is separate from the incentives I was doing the 8k only, so in total 12000 off the total price.
Got it.


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