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Am I doing something wrong? Once I get the adjusted cap cost of the vehicle, because I live in Ga, I add the GATVT Tax to it and get my agreed upon balance .Then I want to pay all escrow fees as drive offs, not a penny more to be used for cap cost reduction.
Is this not the best way to make sure, once I get MF/residual % to figure rent and depreciation the lowest monthly payment possible with the least amount of cash down? Getting lots of grief from dealers!
Thank you!!

I’m unclear what you’re trying to sort out here.


To make sure I get the lowest monthly payment,without adding more cash down.

Are you saying you’re trying to find the best deal or are you saying you’re trying to optimize the payment amounts of the deal you have to minimize costs?

Once I find the XC60 Im looking for, I talk to finance and get Aquisition cost must be capitalized, must pay purchase option fee $300, Im trying to keep my cash
out of a pocket to a minimum, and get the lowest monthly payment.Most of the dealers in Atlanta want to put all the fees into the loan.


You either pay the fees up front, which increases your out of pocket or your capitalize them and pay less up front.

You can’t do both unless you just get a better deal…

Also, the purchase option fee is only paid if you buy out the lease (which isn’t going to make any sense to do)

I do understand that.However,your question earlier was perfect. I am trying to optimze the payment amounts of the deal to minimize cost.Is there any caveats to approaching the transaction in this manner? Thanks again!

Whatever you don’t pay up front gets capitalized and you pay rent charge on it, so it really comes down to your personal risk adversion for money up front. The only exception being applying MSDs (if applicable, depending on where you are and what brand you’re leasing) which allows for a higher up front cost but reduces the rent charge being paid, and then is refunded at the end.

On some vehicles, like a low cost 24 month BMW lease, you can waive the acquisition fee in lieu of an increase in mf, which can work out in your favor, but that’s the exception, not the rule.

With the exception of very limited corner cases, there is not magic gotcha of having them pay one fee but not the other or something like that… if you don’t pay it up front, it’s going into your cap cost.

You’re far better off burning calories finding the best deal than trying to play some hide the sausage with the fees.

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The extra rent charge from rolling in sign offs isn’t that much and helps protect you if the car is deemed a total loss. Just roll them all in IMHO

Hyundai insisted doc & acg fees had to be capitlized!
Also Hyundi finance would not approve unless $300 purchase option had to be included. I may be stating it poorly, but the terms of the lease are just as, if not more important for wifes car. She likes Hundai Sonata, Volvo XC 60 or MB E 300. I told her which ever car we haslowest cash out of pocket, MF
lowest, best incentives and lowest monthly payment wins…Am I trying too hard? Thanks for your time!

The $300 purchase option/disposition fee will be on the contract, but you don’t pay it up front or capitalize it into the payments. It’s on there for lease end handling.

It doesn’t matter if the fee is capitalized or not. They can show on the contract a capitalized fee and money out of pocket going to a cap cost reduction or they can show on the contract no cap cost reduction, but the money going to the fee. Either way, the fee gets paid, and your money out of pocket goes towards lowering the cap cost (either directly, or by a fee not getting added to it).

Cash out of pocket is pretty much irrelevant to the quality of a deal. It all comes down to how you structure the lease. If you want to do $0 out of pocket, just tell the dealer you want $0 out of pocket.

What’s more important to getting a good deal is focusing on getting the largest pre-incentive discount adjusted for buy rate mf (a larger discount with a marked up mf is fine too, as long as it balances out) and limited excess fees.

Finding a vehicle that’s a good value will be one that has the best combination of rv/mf/incentives available. From your list, that’ll probably be the xc60.

As of today, you are 100% correct about the lease terms for May! Incentinves, lease cash and Costco will make XC 60 the best this month Shes coming out of CLS 550 and WANTS to try a Mid-size SUV or Sedan.
I should just count my blessings!! Stay safe and Thank you!

Keep in mind that we have some fantastic volvo brokers that post on here than can help you get a hell of a deal.

I just yesterday messaged to Boston car concierge and awaiting reply. Thanks for the tip.!

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Where can a girl find some of these tasty brokers?

Care to share some screen names?

You sir deserve a medal for this thread