Lease is up in a month need help deciding on a new car

Hey guys I currently lease a Chrysler 200 s and was hoping to get a newer model this summer but unfortunately found out they stopped making this model. I priced some chargers r/t trim but the payments were way to high I’m looking for around tops 350-360 a month 2000 out of pocket at most .anyones suggestion is much appreciated

You can get a charger R/T in that range - you just need to shop around.

Well… what do you prefer? Sedans? Coupes? SUV? Brands you particularly like?

I prefer sedans but I’m not against suv’s I’m new to this really my brother helped me lease every car I had because he used to sell cars but he moved to another state so I’m know trying to learn on my own .

Check out that section, see what others are getting, check the comments, get a feel for what is out there. Some cars lease better than others. Infiniti Q50 is a hot one right now for very low leases.

General rule of thumb, is payment should be less than 1% of MSRP for a “good” deal. So for your payment range, looking between $30-40k cars basically. Though really should go and test drive the ones you are interested in, and narrow it down that way.

Be willing to travel for a good deal if it really matters to you.

I am looking to buy or lease a car/suv which will lose minimum value if i sell in less than 6 months please advise what to do ?

Buying a used vehicle is probably the only way.

Used vehicles are much more expensive here in Rochester NY . 1/2 year old vehicles are just 1k / 2k lower than the brand new - failing to understand the same.

For rav 4 2014/2015 models used are 20k - new 2017 is 24k .
Same for Nissan Rogue
Same for CRV

If they hold their value after that many years, why wouldn’t they hold their value for another 6 months when you intent to sell it?

So do you think if i buy Rav4xle for 26k — can i expect 20k from dealer in like 6 months ? Is that reasonable - NJ was always a great market – but ROC NY is strange place…

I meant buy the used RAV4 for 20k and sell it in 6 months for 18-19k.

Used 2015 RAV 4 is for 20k can i get 20k if i sell after 6 months ??? Dealers are offering like 10k ???