Lease Incentives vs Lease offer?

Hey all,

Looking at V60 CC lease deals and I’ve ran into some questions. Online on the dealer’s default lease deal (325/ month, 3800 down) it says “includes destination charge and application of $3,750 Lease Bonus.”

However in their listed Incentives for July there is no such lease bonus listed, only loyalty and first responder. So is that lease bonus only achievable through their default deal, or is it just not listed for some reason?

I would stop looking at default deals and start building a deal based off the information on the forum and Volvo’s website. Have you went to Volvo’s Payment Calculator and typed in your ZIP code to find the incentives in your area?

Never rely on the dealer (or dealer website) to be accurate for current incentives. Independently verify them through Volvo’s website and Edmunds.

Fair point. I’ve seen on Edmunds and here that only loyalty and first responder is available for July. However I just checked Volvo’s site and it also lists the lease bonus.

Edit, I just rechecked Edmunds and it looks like there’s conflicting info about available incentives for July. Gonna wait and see if it’s just beginning of the month nonsense.

Your Volvo link clearly states “purchase”. You need lease allowance: build->summary->payment estimator->zip