Lease Hyundai Elantra 2021/2022

Hey guys, I wanna lease a Hyundai Elantra 2021or 2022 (SEL Convenience) in VA.
I asked for a 36/12 quote for a 2022 model with first month payment only out of pocket and I’m offered $402/m. I’m shocked and the actual quote has no more information than:
Suggested Retail 22910
Market Value 22910
WOW Price 22910
License registration 93
Processing fee 899
State Sales taxes 1016

I don’t know your Tax rate but $402 is about ‘normal’ for 2022 SEL C
You aren’t getting any ‘deals’ but you aren’t getting ripped off.
Why is the processing Fee $899? Is that some weird way they make money?

A Venue would run a little less by the way.

Doc fees are high in VA fyi


Don’t ask for a quote. Make an offer.

Leasing doesn’t save you on taxes in Virginia so why are you looking to lease in the first place?

Yeah there were some exceptional lease deals between 2012-2020 that made it worthwhile despite paying tax on the full value of the car every 2-3 years.

Clearly this is not one of those exceptional deals, nor do they really exist any more.

What was your target deal that you put together based on the current lease programs and comparables deals before reaching out to the dealer?

Thank you for your feedback, I will definitely look for the venue.

I wanted to get a good affordable deal and get a new car after 3 years, but this is getting ridiculously expensive.400 bucks for an Elantra is way too overpriced.

What are you driving now and why can’t your next car wait? This is a horrible time to make a discretionary decision, maybe the worst time in history.

If it can’t wait: You’re better off buying brand new rather than leasing. Look at the Civic, Impreza and Corolla for best value retention. Or look at the Elantra and Forte for the most features per dollar of purchase price.

A Venue is a joke of a car. Paying a little less for a Venue doesn’t make the deal any better.

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