Lease Help: 2020 Toyota Supra Premium

First time getting a lease and need some help determining whether it’s a good deal or not. Spoke with a couple dealers with bottom line monthly payments ranging from 1,069, to the best one I have so far, $800 on the dot. I tried to compare to other Supra leases on here but I found only one with a sub $600 payment and I thought that was incredible.
A break down of the $800 a month lease is as follows:




Cap Cost:**$50,939.74

Cap Red:**$865.10

Net Cap:**$50,074.64



Bank Fee:**$650.00


Trans Fee:**$251.00

Tax/Cap: **$88.67

Tot Dod: **$2,495.24

Monthly Payment before taxes:$ 725.00

Monthly Payment:**$800.00


I didn’t receive the MF but I calculated to the best of my knowledge as .001885. I think?
Need some help on how good this is.
Thank you.

There’s a dealer on here his site is He quoted me in the 600s. I’d get a m2/4/z4 at that price. And I did. See my m4 post. 79k car, 699 per month.


That’s @Cody_Carter. He’s based in Orange County, solid deals!


Thank you for you help! I’m sure to hit him up rn!

I’m like $60 a month less :slight_smile:

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No disrespect to Toyota. Definitely use Cody if you are set on a Supra.

60 less and I see he has a cap cost reduction of 865 which I’m sure your number doesn’t require.

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It’s less the cap cost and more the $2500 due at sale that makes this extra painful.

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Deal is 36/15K

I was about $55 less and $1100 less drive. Too bad I don’t have a white one