Lease help! 2019 Mercedes Benz C300

This is my first post here. I want to get some advice for 2019 MB C300. Below is the quote I got.

Location: Washington/Bellevue
Vehicle Price: 50,580.00
AutoNation Savings: 5,797.00
AutoNation Price: 44,783.00
Sales Tax: 4,612.00
Doc Fee: 150.00
Tag/Registration Fees: 780.00

Balance Due: 50, 325

Cash Due at sign: 1,500
36 months 12000 miles: 600
so for 10000 miles: 580-590(may be)

What’s included: Premium package. heated steering wheel, heated seats, projector lights.

After seeing some of the posts here 2019 C300 (PP, Multimedia package, drivers assist, parking assist pretty much fully load) got for 571$ with 1500$ due at signing and that was posted almost an year back (Nov 2018). Sales Manager is absolutely reluctant to reduce the price further.

Anyone leased in Washington for a better price and willing to share the contact details of the dealer? Appreciate your help!

Stay away from Bellevue dealer.

If you want, I have Lynwood dealer contact. Much better price.

Awesome, that will be of great help if you could share the contact. Thanks so much!

That’s a terrible deal. For reference I was driving a C43 for less than that. Driving a G70 3.3T for much less currently and I like it better. You can also get a m340i with 385hp for about that.

Actually, I should not conclude on bellevue dealer. They are pretty good guys and willing to lower the price if you have a competing offer.
Just it is hard to negotiate at the beginning.

@Carthick I wonder if you get a better deal? I am looking for a similar deal.