Lease for a VW Atlas Cross Sport 2.0 SE W/Tech..Question for the hackers

Would love some input/feedback on this current offer I got

VW Atlas Cross Sport
MSRP: 40,989.00
Incentives :1750 +500

Monthly: 437
Sign and lease: 600 (DMV+first month)


You’ll want the rest of the deal broken out so you can actually evaluate it.

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what more should I ask for

That would be money factor, dealer discount without the incentives and the residual. After that you can check Edmunds for the base money factor.

I was told from the broker
They are getting it 2k under the invoice

That’s too little info and possibly can be a story.
get them to put the deal detailed on paper.

as expected

it fell through

dealer pulled the deal away from the broker…

back to nothing…

thank you all for the reply !

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The dealer ‘pulled a deal away’ ? Lol
More likely, we couldn’t find a dealer to do this deal. So lets blame the dealers!

haha i guess so

I got the text from the broker saying the dealership doesnt want to do this anymore…
bad day for me as i got my hopes up

Have you searched the forum for recent comparable deals already? I’m guessing you didn’t miss out on much.

i haven’t seen anything for my region

MSRP: 41,895
Selling price: 38,495
Residual: 51%

1,600 DAS: includes first month, DMV, and bank fee
485 monthly


This is an 2020 VW Atlass Cross Sport 3.6L V6 SE w/technology

Ick on the Residual, why is yours at 51%? It should be higher.

It looks right in line with Edmunds posts for it…

I’m seeing 53 to 55 , not 51.

Are you looking at 36 month or 39 month residuals? Those numbers are in line with 36 months.

it said 39 from dealer

You’re right on your numbers from what I am seeing for 39 months. I suspect forbs was looking at 36 month residuals

On a $46124 SEL awd was offered 1k due and 480 a month for a client 39 month 12k miles.


Would drive and SEL for that much!

Unfortunately I am in NY