Lease for $300 or Less


Looking to lease a car or small SUV for $300 or less a month with 0 due at signing. Deal terms would be 36 months and 12,000 miles per year.

Which car could be had at this price range? I am open to suggestions.

Thank you.

What have you found while looking through the shared deals and marketplace listings?


Mark, I want to learn as well.

Let us know what you find after you take a look below…


Mazda CX-30. Amazing vehicle and you can get the base model for a little under 300. $0 down payment.

:point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2: Let us know what you find out.


if you can find one… Mazda’s current inventory and outlook for the rest of the year is pretty abysmal, so it looks like each dealer has just a handful around here and i’m in los angeles.

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Word. I haven’t found a dealer willing to sell a CX-30 for MSRP and no mark-up.

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I just picked up a Kia Forte GT-Line for $271 which includes 10.25% sales tax, 36 mo/10K mi lease.

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Chevy Trax, Trailblazer Buick encore and gx

Frustrating phone call with a dealer last night not budging on a Forte at $335 + $335 DAS / Texas 6.25% sales tax / 36 mo / 12K.

You know the world is burning when Mazda CX30, $300 and “amazing” all end up in the same sentence.


OP (and anyone else) location makes a difference…just saying. Some deals due to extra EV incentives in CA won’t be available in other states.

<$300/month tax in with 12k miles/year with 0 due at signing is going to be an extremely difficult proposition especially in Florida right now. I’d suggest looking into a base Kia Forte FE.

Yikes, trying to get 300/month on a 17.9K MSRP base forte

What is next month’s target… a 400 a month Sentra SV lease…


Hello all, I haven’t had any luck finding a lease for $300 or less. The best offer I have received for a Mazda CX 30 was $360 tax in and 0 due at signing. Also looked at the Nissan Rogue and they wanted $1000 at signing and $500 a month. I know that the current market is not a good one and also being in Miami does not help. I have also reach out to other dealers in South Florida and pretty much getting the same numbers. Any suggestions?

If $300 is your budget, how about making payments on a used Forte?

What other models have you attempted?

I can do a corolla with msds under $300. Or a Tacoma sr access no msds 275/mo. Double cab taco sr around 310. 34k msrp. I don’t think you’ll find a higher msrp for $300/mo then the double cab.

If you want a deal you need to buy outside of your Miami market. Dealers there won’t negotiate in this market at all. Too many people willing to pay msrp+


Most cars do not lease well. They do not have the programs (RV, MF and incentives) to be good candidates for lease-hacking, regardless of what dealer discount you can negotiate. This is truer now than it has ever been. Which means you cannot start your search with a particular car or cars in mind, and then find a way to make them lease well.

It will be like pushing a boulder uphill while pulling teeth, and you’ll still probably have a bad deal in the end. You need to start your search by filtering only the vehicles that are leasing well right now and offer good value per dollar.

Check out the “Share a Deal” and “Marketplace” sections of LH forums to decide what’s leasing well and pick a vehicle that is already proven to offer good value.

Remember, there are no magic wands that can save a deal from poor programs (RV, MF, and incentives) and/or poor discounts.

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