Lease for $140/month plus sales tax

Hello fellow leasehackr’s. I’m interested in seeing what cars you would recommend that can be leased for $140/mo or less plus sales tax. That should be drive off (no down payment with exception to MSD’s). Length of lease is unimportant. 10,000 miles is sufficient. I’m in Central Florida. I currently own a VW Gti and Ford E-250 work van outright to answer your Asian Conquest or similar questions. I have excellent credit. I would prefer a 4 dr with excellent gas mileage.

Do you think April will bring better options?

Thank you for your responses.

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That’s approximately what I’m paying for my Jetta 1.4T S, with zero down on a 24 months lease, based on numbers from last fall. Negotiate a sales price somewhere between $13,700 and $15,000 and the payments should be in the desired range (presuming the lowest money factor and if VW is offering favorable residuals again).

Strong possibility there. They are currently offering $1000 cash back and I would qualify for $1000 loyalty money. Anyone have Intel on current mf and residuals for a Jetta SE in the Florida region?

That’s a Jetta 1.4 SE. 10k miles is fine.