Lease Fine print interpetation

Hey everyone, I’ve been in the market for a Chevy SUV these past few weeks and unfortunately got my legged pulled each time with a decent online deal that happens to be sold 15 minutes prior to my arrival. It’s been happening at several dealerships now.

Anyway at one of the dealerships I was discussing numbers for the sale a clarification of terms. The online estimator was giving me a number and the dealership was giving me a wildly different number. Nearly a difference of $150/ month for a 24 month lease They keep pointing to the fine print saying that the due at signing number does not include the downpayment and first months pay.

My interpretation of it is exactly that: downpayment and first months payment before state and local fees/taxes. The sales person even started raising his voice as I was questioning his interpretation of the text so obviously I left as he kept trying to upsell on other models.

What are your thoughts?

That’s standard ad fine print and is an alert that this deal really sucks.
How do I make your Lease cheaper? By hiding a huge down payment .
How to make it even worse, by hiding TTL also.

Then the dealer takes a stab at adding in their extra ‘cut’

If they are $150 more then they are hiding in ADM so 150 x 24 = $3600 add ons.
Your TTL in the example is $1500, so $2100 add ons.

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You’re wasting your time with these tactics.

Stop looking at ads or online estimators.

Go back to square one.

Pick a vehicle with good RV/MF to lease or good resale value to finance.


Do you qualify for gm supplier?

Yes I qualify for employee pricing. I also have a corporate voucher as well but I don’t think that changes anything these days.

I haven’t been back to a dealership since 2005 and I’m reminding all over again why the dealership experience is absolute garbage. Do you guys know of any brokers in MI focusing on GM or Chevy products?

It might be easier to contact a broker like @AutoNinjas and have them ship it to you for like $500

These numbers are just estimates - do you have a breakdown of all of the fees and taxes being charged at that respective dealership? The selling price of the vehicle can also vastly sway the pricing along with any markup of the lease money factor.

Give us specifics and we could potentially point to what is different with the online configurator vs dealers offer.

I don’t have a specific breakdown at the moment. The estimate above is based on the dealerships calculator. Whenever I find a potential vehicle and go to the dealership to work out specific numbers, they claim the vehicle sold right before I arrive. Then they try to work the numbers on a vehicle on their lot that has no alignment to what I’m looking for.

So why do you keep repeating the same mistake? Why not verify it is in-stock and negotiate before ever stepping foot in the dealership?

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I do verify and set up an appointment to meet with the salesperson I’ve been working with. I’ve even called the day of appt to confirm it’s still on the lot and they tell me they have the paperwork ready for me look over when I arrive.

There is no good reason to ever use a dealer’s estimator. Just ignore it.

You have two options:

  1. Find another dealer to work with.
  2. Work with one of the brokers in the Marketplace.
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While your right in most cases, some have express stores with accurate pricing and honest numbers

i guess what im really trying to get at is the interpretation of the fine print. The salesperson was adamant that this deal is $3726 + $2500 downpayment so total DAS would be $6226.

My interpretation is $3726 is all of the above wrapped into one payment DAS.

You are correct and he is wrong.

But he will stick to his guns so he can get $2500 more money out of you.

Note : It’s Nov 1st so that quote just went out the window.

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You just proved why you’re wasting your time.

It doesn’t matter what the fine print says, whether it’s open to interpretation or whether it’s crystal clear.

The only thing that matters is “Dealer sets final price.”

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