Lease expires in 60 days

My current lease is up end of June. I currently have a Nissan Murano platinum. The dealer said they could only get me the same lease for $200 a month more than my current lease. I drive 15k a year.

I have two questions.

Are there typically cyclical sale events that make sense to target for best deals? ie Memorial Day or July 4?

What is the best website to compare car features? I really want adaptive cruise control and Apple CarPlay.

Leaning towards a Volvo S90, I can get A plan pricing on it. I am looking to get a sign a drive for $500’s with 15k/year.

Thanks in advance!

Memorial day and 4th of July sales are usually BS (like most sales around holidays). Some times of the year are better than others but it depends on the brand.

Lots of threads on S90 to read through and soak up information

With A-plan and today’s incentives you should be able to walk into any dealer and easily do sign/drive S90 for $500. Working that down to the low $300’s will require some effort.

If you’ve got A-plan for volvo, your best bet is to do a deal this weekend. Rules are currently slated to change May 1st for applying your a-plan bonus at a dealer discount greater than 6% (the really aggressive deals posted up here are getting 10-12% discounts).

Depending on your region and all that, sign and drive at $450-500 a month with only MSDs out of pocket on a 24/15k for a T6 momentum is doable.

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I agree with everyone here this weekend and tomorrow are your last days to deal on the S90 for example (one guy got it for $384 a month).

Other hand is to call up your leasing company and buy yourself till December to get the best deals in the world.

Thanks for the suggestions. I just generated the PIN, I guess I will call my local Volvo dealer tomorrow!

what does that mean - I assume most of the “best deals” happen around end of year? probably a stupid question lol

I would say the volume of good/great deals increases towards the end of the year, but it is still possible to get good deals at other times.

Have you looked at any Infiniti products. The Q50 is leasing well and you might be able to get pull ahead.

I second Infiniti - they are aggressive. I was helping a coworker get in on a Q50RS for $400 OTD.