Lease Equity Minivan

I have a Pacifica with an expiring lease and roughly 10,000 miles under our limit. Besides the Vroom-type platforms, any advice on how to deal with the trade-in and get funds back (almost 100% sure not going with another Pacifica/Chrysler)?

FCA product with equity after a lease? Ha, good luck. If the online guys don’t give you a number with equity, don’t expect any dealers to offer you more.


Just because you are under mileage doesn’t mean you have positive equity. If Carvana, Vroom, etc don’t indicate positive equity, then chances are you have none. What makes you think you do?

I checked on Carvana and Vroom and both are quoting me roughly $2000 over the pay-off amount. Take it and run?


Possibly check carmax or local franchises dealerships that focus a lot on used car sales and pop in for a quote if you want to go local.

We sold our Subaru to Vroom- smooth process except that the carrier they contracted was a few hours late to pick up the car. They overnighted the check the next morning.

Yes! Setup pickup immediately! :red_car::wind_face:

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