Lease ending in a week - seeking advises

Hello, my Jetta lease is ending in a week. The car has 5K miles below the allotted amount due to the pandemic and my not driving much for months now. I did pay for a wear and tear insurance and owe nothing but the disposable fee.

I am evaluating my options, return simply or buyout. I was not contacted by VW for a buyout option nor for getting a new lease. I just received an email 45 days before the end of the lease to list of the option and schedule an inspection.

Do you think that the car is worth buying @11K (Jetta SE)? Or are they better deals out there for Sedan?

Have you gotten quotes from Carvana,Vroom to see what they offer im thinking its not gone be close to $11K?

That doesn’t have the long warranty, that didn’t kick in until 2018(I assume this is a 2017) I’d pass on buying it. I’d just return it and shop for another lease. That price isn’t bad compared to what stuff is going for retail, but pricing is all out of whack right now.

I would buy it if they dropped the buyout by $500. My concern is to drive the car out of warranty since not taking it for expensive repairs was the rationale behind getting the lease at the first place. However I won’t take another lease but I don’t want to buy a brand new car that would cost much more than this one that still has a low mileage.

@Argeles You can look at a CPO with a warranty since you not interested in leasing anymore.

Are their same year Jetta SE’s with similar mileage going for $10,500?

What’s the idea behind buying it at $10,500 vs $11,000? Will it make you feel like you got a “deal”? I’d run the numbers to figure out exactly what taxes, fees, & registration will cost if you find a similar Jetta SE or sedan for $10,500 vs buying your current one for $11,000.

If you like it and its been relatively trouble free I would just buy it. I am also handy enough to fix a few things on a car and have no problem buying brake pads on Amazon and giving the guy up the street at the local homeboy brake / tire shop $40 to change them out.