Lease end: do they care about scuffs underneath the car?

so my Alfa had a small problem (first one I swear) and I had it towed to the dealer through customer service. of course a week later I find a foot long scuff underneath the car close to the driver side, and a few smaller scuffs on the other side. I have to crawl under the car to see them.

I have the lease wear and tear but it’s still annoying. do I have anything to worry about? I’m considering trying to pursue this but not sure if its worth it… I think it happened while moving it up or down the flatbed ramp

I put a crappy picture below will try and upload better ones.

We returned 2 Lexuses and 1 Infiniti with scraped bumpers and sides under car without any issues.


thats good to know, I’m still pissed though lol that it was damaged

Gang members get tattoos, Alfas get tow truck marks.

You have wear and tear, don’t sweat it. Call the tow company and complain if you’re that sure just to let them know. Dealership scratched the hell out of window trim on my driver door, service #1 literally second day I had it, I let them know but won’t take it back there.

This is why you lease.

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