Lease end car repair questions

I have a 2016 Buick Regal that I need to return mid-February. I’ve already leased a new vehicle so I was planning on just using up the remaining mileage on this Regal until I have to return come to find that the two front brake pads are completely worn and there’s likely a need to replace the rotors as well. Car is at 37,000 miles which doesn’t make sense because we don’t drive the vehicle aggressively or anything. GM Financial can’t give me a straight answer if this is something that I need to fix. If it is I would rather to do it myself to control costs and would not like to see a surprise charge on the final invoice.

I’ve already gotten the end of lease inspection done by Autovin - they don’t do mechanical inspections and couldn’t advise me either. I’ve read the lease contract several times and the language is vague - mostly around maintaining the car and keeping records. Thoughts?

They will not charge you for brakes/rotors, but if you still plan on driving it, please change them out for your safety and the safety of others.