Lease disposition Volkswagen audi

Not sure if this is the right section.

I recently leased a new 2021 SQ5 through Volkswagen financial services. However, I have a previous lease expiring on a Volkswagen next month.

I asked the dealer if there was anyway to get me out of my disposition fee since they are the same Volkswagen financial services.

He said yes, just coordinate your lease end inspection, and then drop it off here (at the Audi dealer). He said they can process and ground the car and when he submits the paperwork, he can mark it as a loyalty that I bought an Audi and I should avoid the disposition fee on the Volkswagen.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

I doubt it, i asked an Audi dealer if Iā€™d get a loyalty discount coming from a VW he said no.

Regardless of the disposition fee, any risk to at least trying and turning the Volkswagen car into the Audi dealership?

I called Volkswagen financial this morning and they confirmed that you can turn Volkswagen into an Audi dealer, and they will waive the disposition fee if you purchase or lease and Audi. Good to know!


Nice find!!!