Lease details of 2017 Outback limited


Wanted to check if the following lease sounds good or not.

Model: Subaru 2017 2.5 i limited with Eyesight, RAB, High Beam Assist
MSRP: 36232
Selling Price: 32232
APR: 2.88%
Color: Carbide Gray Mettalic

Monthly payment : 311 (Excl. Tax), 339 with taxes
Down Payment: $1500 including 1st month payment

Any help/pointers would be appreciated. I stay in San Jose, and the offer is from San Jose.


My wife just lease a very very similar model a few months ago. Here in San Diego, i had shopped dealers here and in orange county. Unfortunately I don’t have the paperwork available.

The sales price looks good (better than the one or two notes I have), but the APR seems a skosh higher than I remember with top tier credit.

Just leased here in LA…359 including tax, zero drive off. msrp just under 36K…36/12k

Thanks @EasyRhino for the feedback. I will negotiate on the rate a bit.

Thanks @manku. I saw your posting. I couldn’t get the initial payment further down. I also have a trade-in. They are also trying to throw in some season passes to tahoe :-)! Should I negotiate more or walk away?

Assuming it’s 36/12K, you are paying about 800 more over the course of the lease.

FWIW, I didn’t even negotiate…got a couple offers online from various dealers…this was seemed reasonable and competitive compared to others.

But based on what I see on subaruoutback forum, people are getting this car for 31K…(have to add 600 lease fee), so it looks like you have a bit a leeway.

Hey @EasyRhino what dealership did you lease from? Any contact in particular you can refer? TIA