Lease deals under $300 PM


Hello All,

I am looking for leasing AWD SUV with technology features, Blind Spot Monitoring and Sunroof. I am open to Toyota RAV 4/ Mazda CX-5/ Honda CRV/Nissan or even loaner/ demo deals on BMW or other SUVs. Does buying on Memorial Day has any positive impact on negotiation? I am planning to buy by end of this month. Let me know if any deals are available under $300.

Memorial Day sales and other holiday “sales” aren’t typically sales. Many Americans have been brainwashed as consumers to believe they are good deals for some reason because they are attached to a major holiday. You can usually do much better when there is no holiday and the dealer is empty and thus desperate to make a deal.

@Jrouleau426 is your go-to for a RAV4. CR-V leases poorly and isn’t worth your time. Your overall post is a wanted ad and belongs in that topic

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Post “Wanted Ads” in the appropriate thread.