Lease deals Kansas - First time lease

Hello Hackrs,
Please post if you got a great deal in around Kansas. I am trying to check with dealers around if they can match the prices in this forum and all they say is “Very aggressive, cannot make it”

If you really want to get a deal, cutting/pasting the deals on this forum and emailing it to your local KS dealer is not going to cut it.

You have to build your own deal based on an existing VIN on your website and slowly “get them there”. Most of the deals here are based on facts (like rebates that stack, etc.) and the only thing that is “nebulous” is the discount which is negotiated off some % that you find on Truecar or what the other local (I don’t know, 200 mile radius) are offering.

It takes work – you can’t just say, “match this price” – the dealer will not even work on anything for you. But to do this, you need to understand each number and “build your own deal” with facts


What area in Kansas? What brands are you shopping?

Kansas City & Overland Park. Looking for SUV (open to brand if I can get a good deal)

Pick out a few cars that seem to lease well and try to work a deal on them via the Internet Departments. Usually working through sales directly makes it tougher to get a great price. Legends Honda and Toyota seem to have good Internet Departments. I’ve leased from Fenton Nissan with good luck. Jay Wolfe I’ve had below average experiences with, but looking/pricing with all local dealers of the same brand should give you the best results. Hendrick Toyota has a worthless Internet Department that only wants appointments, they don’t give prices. However the best deal I’ve gotten was at Hendrick - Camry for $125/month. I also leased with Molle Toyota once with decent results.

Thats a good deal on Camry!
I recently visited Hendrick Toyota and had hard time negotiating deal on Camry

Sorry if I gave the impression that was recently - it was leased 18 months ago. There is not enough lease cash on Camry in KC to provide good lease prices (only $1000). Residuals have dropped, also hurting the opportunity for a good payment. By my rough calculations $200 per month on a 36 month Camry lease would be a huge win right now. That is why now isn’t such a great time to be leasing a Camry.

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Hi @pizza8822, did you deal with any dealers recently in town ?

Yes - about two weeks ago I helped a friend close a deal on a Maxima at State Line Nissan. It was pretty expensive for my taste, but the SL had some features he wanted, despite the fact it didn’t lease very well. Payment is about $365 on $42k MSRP. We ended up at about 11-12% off MSRP, before lease rebates, at State Line. Residual I think was 50%.