Lease deals for VA/MD/TX

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Hi All,

Currently in a leased Jeep 4xE courtesy of this forum, and it’s coming time to think about the next lease.

In MD,VA, and TX you have to pay tax on the total sell price of the vehicle, which makes any lease deals less than 3 years, and on high MSRP cars, virtually impossible.

I’m hoping to get some advice regarding good cars/programs to target for myself but also other MD/VA/TX folks. My goal is to get into the nicest car possible without breaking the bank.

For reference, on my $55k Jeep lease, the MD 6% tax adds $91 a month, which is doable. I am looking at a $115k Etron, where tax would add nearly $200 a month.

My other thought is that CPO leases on EVs might be workable, due to the MSRP being less, but these are often 12 month leases and I have yet to find a deal/broker to make this happen. Does anyone have knowledge of longer term CPO leases?

Thanks for your input!

I used to live in VA and now live in TX (d’oh!). Quite honestly, none of these states are ideal to lease in when comparing to other states.

TX occasionally has tax credits available on certain models (essentially, the gist of it is that there are tax credits from the manufacturer to reduce sales tax amount)

VA is the easiest to get a decent payment out of the bunch since their car sales tax is considerably lower (4.25% vs 6% in MD and 6.25% to 8.25% in TX) but most (if not all) VA counties hit you with an annual property tax which can be in the thousands for more expensive cars.

CPO leases generally will suck because there is no manufacturer incentive on them like they have with new (in the form of rebates, discounted MF, or inflated residual).

Basically, these states suck to lease in for more expensive cars.