Lease deal on a GLA, GLC, GLE,GLS, A, C,E, class text 949-327-7174

Hi, guys, if anyone wants a great deal on Mercedes Benz please let me know. Located in Orange county My CELL 949-327-7177. Working as an Internet MGR(straight forward, aggressive pricing)

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If you’d like to be successful picking up business from here, I’d recommend taking a look at the model set out by some of the other dealers on here. You’re unlikely to make much headway without first demonstrating what caliber of deals you’re offering.


Thanks for the advice, really appreciate that.

Any deals on e class loaners?

Interested in a 2019 GLS

Also in orange county

Welcome to the LH and look forward to your pricing! As long as the price is right, I am sure you will be able to sale some.

When listing, provide as much information as possible or like others do put cars on a google sheet with LHC(calcs). Makes life a lot more easier.

Good Luck !

I don’t have any E Class loaner i do have few C and GLC loaners available

2019 GLS all sold, Let me know if you want 2020 i can make you a great deal

Interested in C and GLC loaners. Can you send me a quote?

I am in So Cal


Any deals on GLE 3rd rows?

Message me on my cell 949-327-7174. THANKS

yes i do message me on my cell 949-327-7174 what exactly you looking for? Thanks


Wondering if there’s any good deals on the GLS this month?
Preferably MSRP 80k car with rear electric sunshade.

So far this thread is fairly useless for LHers. No idea what kind of deals are available.


I second that.


Interested in 2020 GLE.

Just few friendly tips for you:

You are setting yourself up for lots of text messages and PMs and potentially very little business. People will text you at 1am and ask you about the weirdest things. If you want to compete with other dealers/broker here in forum and you can go aggressive, do yourself and us a favor and publish few aggressive deals. There are several dozen dealers/brokers here, who have their spreadsheets or/and publicly list their prices for all their models.

I think it would be a good starting point, when you could publish the deals you can give on all your loaners. Remember, many people sell here around 20 or more cars per month, if you want to succeed, go with your first offers as low as you can.


Post some deals on GLB 250

Third it too. Looks like a troll.

I have few 2019 c class loaners we are trying to move please message me 949-327-71714. Thanks