Lease deal on 2019 X3 m40i


I got offered the following deal on 2019 BMW X3 M40i with MSRP $67,120:

$799/mo 3yrs 10K miles/yr. $6K down includes first month lease payment and all fees and taxes.

Get to turn in 2017 X3 35i four months before lease ends with no penalty or fees.

How does this sound?


(1) BMW does not have any official pull ahead. Which means your 4 months of payments are being wrapped into the lease.

(2) We never recommend putting money down on a lease. Adding that 6000 back into the lease is an effective $166 month + interest + tax on top of the $799. So your actual effective payment is about $1000/month for a $67k truck. That is horrible.

For us to really help you you need to tell us the following:

  • Full breakdown of the deal (MSRP, Sale Price, Incentives, MF, doc fee, registration fee, taxes etc.)
  • Current monthly payment being rolled into the lease.

I agree with 28fighter, they’re taking you to the cleaners on this one.

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What they said🔼

If you want something for reference I got a 2018 x3 M40i with an MSRP just below that for $1999 drive off and $714 a month (including tax) and felt that it was a decent (but not great) deal (I got 12% off MSRP, $1000 loyalty and base money factor). I believe there were better deals to be had at the time, but I was dead set on getting it in this particular color with a particular set of features, which was a pretty rare combination, so I was okay knowing it wouldn’t be a candidate for the leasehackr trophy garage.

Fantastic car by the way. Good luck!