Lease deal check: VW Jetta S | MSRP $21,560 | 36 or 48 mo. | $307-$360 mo. | $0 down

The monthly numbers include tax
I know this is a horrible deal, but considering the times and low inventory…
It’s for my mom, and she’s being impatient.

Thinking about the 48 month lease. Aside from it being out of warranty after 36 months, any other factors I should consider in avoiding a 48 month?
Maybe I’ll buyout the lease at 24/36 months and sell it if the market has improved by then…

Thanks for your help

No comments on the lease itself, but in the “improved” market buying this lease out and selling likely will not be financially adviseable.

Well the numbers are … ok…that 48 of 307 is actually a nice payment.
But after the warranty is up that resale value goes way down.
Get rid of it in month 30 if there is any equity.

Bay Area dealer? Is the ‘Market Value Selling Price’ a true MSRP for this S model?

I probably wouldn’t count on that

The warranty is 4 yr/50K. It won’t be out of warranty.

Are you married to a VW? Do any competing models offer a better RV?