LEASE DEAL CHECK on Toyota RAV4 Prime 52k MSRP

Lease deal check. Have anyone been able to get it for cheaper? does this deal justify to keep the lease and not finance?

What’s the breakdown of “market value”?

MSRP? ADM? Other dealer adds?

Your “discount” may not mean anything

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There’s a special lease rate in our area that has a lower base MF that would lower the payment. The mf they used is a standard rate… again might be the best for your zip.

These don’t lease well but you can lease to get the 6500 and buyout and finance too.

And yes per the earlier point assuming market value is msrp.

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market value is the MSRP. its the fully loaded one. I wonder beside this car whats the hottest lease right now with the best reset value at the end of the lease

Not sure about hottest but if you want best resale value at the end of the lease and the most reasonable payment probably a Subaru or a Honda right now. Toyota lease rates are on the higher end these days. Hyundai you might also consider. More importantly drive a few of these to see what you think to help narrow down the field.

Buy it out immediately after leasing it. That will be the lowest TCO in this segment.

This is the best option if you can handle the $700 a month payment to purchase the vehicle. Not sure how much additional taxes would be on the buyout, but could be another 7.75%, so maybe $532 a month is looking good.