Lease Deal Check 2025 Honda Pilot Trailsport

Hello hackrs!

I stumbled upon this website after looking at some deals to lease a 2025 Honda Pilot Trailsport. Just to let you know, i’ve never leased a vehicle before. I have purchased a couple of new vehicles, the last one being in 2017. I went in originally wanting to buy a pre-owned 21 Pilot, but after being presented with the lease deal I am leaning more towards that option. Since I’ve never leased before I’d love to get your input as far as the deal that is being presented to me. I’ve been negotiating about a week now, and each day i’m learning something new. I don’t know what the MF so that i’ll have to get with the dealer, but the numbers look as follow:

MSRP: $50,950
Discount: $3,350
Selling Price: $47,600
Acquisition Fee: $595
Tire tax: $5
Doc Fee: $599
Arizona VLT: $860.23
Total: $49,659.23
Residual: $33,627

36Months/12K miles
$0 due at signing

What are your thoughts? Again, i’m a newb at leasing, and have spent alot of time looking at leasing videos and tips online. Any and all help is appreciated. I’m not going to rush into anything until I can confirm a good deal.

At first glance it’s pretty bad. You’re paying for 50% of the car in 3 years, but have nothing to show for it. You’d be better off buying it and then selling it after 3 years.

I just sent you a sheet I put together that should help you. You need to know the MF (don’t get it from the dealer) and then you need to put a target offer together to send dealers.

I really appreciate it. Using the calculator on this site, i think the MF might be .00185, but not sure.

You can get the MF by either paying $10/month to Leasehackr or for free from the Edmund’s Honda Pilot lease board.

I just posted on the Edmunds board, i’ll post when I have that.

.00211 is the MF per edmunds.

Long story short, finance it.

So it’s actually higher than you thought.

Delete the dealer’s phone number and take a gigantic step back. Work out a well-researched target deal and then post the calc for your target deal here for folks to review. Once you have that established and validated, then reach out to dealers and make them an offer.

You can not effectively negotiate a deal if you dont know where youre trying to get to.


Thanks, that’s what I’m hoping to accomplish. I’m trying to research best deals and what they should look like to have a well researched offer to send.

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What’s the update here? What did you end up buying? I’m test driving a 2025 Trailsport on Sunday :slight_smile:

I backed off. I need to do more research but I haven’t had the time to do so. Still interested though. Let me know the numbers they offer you. Are you trading anything in? Where are you located?

Ok friends! Based on the suggestions from several to buy this vehicle instead of leasing I’m looking into that option.

This is the option they gave me. I was able to work them down an additional $500 so the sell price including add ons but not tax title doc fees is $48,400. They insist that the vehicle already has the paint protection and the pro pack while it’s sitting on the lot so they can’t remove those. Is that normal or are they just working me? What do you think of the deal? Any help is appreciated, it’s been a lifetime ago since I bought a new vehicle.

Walk away. I wouldn’t get any car with dealer equipped extras. Beside, some banks have 6.74 % for 84 month finance.

Who wouldn’t jump on a Pilot for nearly $71k?

To be fair any vehicle that is financed with zero down brand new will have an outrageous total price. Instead of being sarcastic why don’t you suggest what I can ask for? I got a second quote from a different dealer that looks very similar. They are also including $1500 worth of add ons that are essentially paint protection, window tint etc. I’d love to get rid of that and try to get a bigger discount on the total price. I’ve already requested that and waiting to hear back.

You need to target a net discount of $5,000 off. Not just the discount line item showing $5,000 before a whole bunch of unnecessary add-ons reduce that by a lot.

Calculate the OTD price based on that number plus TTL.

Offer that on a 2024 to multiple dealers in an increasing distance from your home.

Arrange your own financing and use it if they can’t match.

Just becsuse theyre claiming its a $1500 value theyre overcharging you for doesnt mean it’s not just a half ass car wash wax and a $99 tint job with the crappiest tint they could find.

Oh for sure. I was not trying to defend that in the slightest, I meant it as in that price included that. But I am trying to get that removed. Thanks for the help.

What it really means is the $3500 discount they’re telling you theyre giving is actually only $2k