Lease Deal check: 2020 Honda Passport Elite AWD

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Hi Hackrs,

Just got this offer for the Elite. Discount looks 11%, but I’m sure maybe I can squeeze 1.5% more.

Any thought will be much appreciated. Thanks.

What mf are they charging? What is buy rate? Have you verified the lack of incentives?

Get rid of that nitrogen.

It’s not. Adding back the 699+149 that’s going straight to the dealer it’s more like 9.4%

But we haven’t even looked for other claw backs like MF markups and what those ~$700 “non tax fees” are

The MSRP on an Elite is around $48K. Are you sure quote is on an Elite and not a Touring?

Yeah, not sure where you get your MSRP but mine for the 2020 Elite AWD is $44,900

Confirmed on Edmunds MF, RV and incentives. .00074 and 59% $500 incentive

Dealer numbers matches everything except the $500 incentive

That means the incentive is already rolled into the discount so your 11% is closer to 8% after the add ons, etc

Honda site doesn’t seem to have the 2020 Pilot any more but the 2021 Pilot AWD Elite is $49K+ MSRP

Can’t imagine a 2020 has a 5k cheaper sticker

I apologize Max. This is for Passport not Pilot.

Is the above for Passport or Pilot?

BTW according to @mani_is_kool the Pilot was leasing better than the Passport recently

That is for the Passport. All the info I had is for the 2020 Passport Elite. I only messed up the title of the post.

This was a deal I had written up a few weeks ago from a dealer under just about the same terms. I did qualify for recent grad and conquest incentives though.

I told the dealership to add a $500 rebate also and they asked me what rebate?

Just got another quote from another dealership.

Hi All,

I’m about to pull the trigger of this deal but I am a little confused about the cap fees and taxes. I am from NC and going to VA to pick it up. Monthly payment is showing without tax and they assured me that is the monthly i will be paying. From what i know NC charges a 3% tax on each monthly. Also there are cap fees and taxes rolled in the payment. Any inputs about this will be much appreciated. Thanks,