Lease Deal Check: 2020 Golf GTI S


Just want to check if this is a good deal on a 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI S.

0 Down $387 Monthly payment 36/10

MSRP, money factor, and residual value etc given by the dealer have been entered into the calculator by me here. The residual value that they gave me seems to be pretty low compared to what I have seen on Edmunds which is around 53%.

They don’t seem to offer MSD, so any advice on negotiating would be appreciated!

Even at 10% off and a residual of 53%, the payment is $484 0 DAS, that sucks for a car with this MSRP. What lease cash is Edmunds saying? Typically GTI’s don’t lease well

Just buy one. Or even better, pick up an 18 or 19 with the 6 year warranty and you’ll be good until at least 2024…


Currently, there’s the national incentive of $399/month 36/10 with 0 down.

2021’s are on the lot right now. Your best bet is to negotiate and purchase. They don’t lease well. Hell I pay less than that a month on a 19 GTI rabbit I bought new.

If you can find any leftover 19s for sale go that route. Purchase one with the great 6/72k warranty.

Also I personally wouldn’t get an S model. Lack of led lights and no keyless entry sucks.

The GLI is also a great compromise. It’s cheaper and comes with more standard features. (which is absurd)This generation it’s the same power train as the GTI and not neutered anymore.

Those advertised lease specials are almost never actually the price they seem to be advertising.

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You won’t get a deal in a GTI.

Finance a GTI or lease an A4. Either option will save you money.

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Don’t they offer a $199/month or low $200’s every year with $0 down and $0 due at signing? Yearly sign and drive event. It’s only on the S trim if I remember so you’re good there. If you can wait a bit you might get something much better.

On a GTI? I find hard to believe.


This is not ringing a bell. IIRC between generations there have been some decent GTI S deals (the 25k one) just like there were on base WRXs, but not 299 on a sign and drive that I remember. And definitely not a seasonal event or more people would lease one.

As someone who has leased a wrx and gti, the mf and residual here both suck, before you work on the discount (you’re roughly at A Plan, which is all I could get on my GTI).

If you want this car, and I could understand why, you can try and grind them on the payment. And obviously you can play other dealers against each other.

But. But. There are a lot of cars that can check nearly all the same boxes where you can get a bigger discount, pay less depreciation, and pay less than 4.58% to rent from VWFS (my current lease is 0.74% rent). I don’t want to jump in and start suggesting alternatives because the heart wants what it wants, but I’d look at buying a GTI or leasing something else. My 2 cents. :man_shrugging:t2:

Good luck.

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Why does it say $387/mo in your post but the deal you linked to shows $500/mo?