Lease Deal 2017 BMW

2017 BMW 340 I M Sport Package

Take it to another dealer or two and see if they can get lower. If not then you’ve tried and can wait til Month end to see if you can get it off then.

What is the standard Bmw doc fees? Edit - just saw that they previously offered $80 on doc fees. Yes it’s egregious, but Amortize the difference and see if you can live with that. I think the deal you have is pretty good for what I’ve seen on the 340 recently including the $400doc fee - assuming there are no other incentives you are eligible for.

See if there are any.nice dealer fit options you want around the $300 mark and ask them to throw it in free to sweeten the pot. You get something and they don’t get away with murder on the doc fee. Dealer cost price on a $300 item could be 50% ish.

Thank you for your advice AMM. The $599 isn’t technically a doc fee (they are calling it a processing fee and not negoitable) I just put in in the document fee line.

Yeah no way 19% on a 17 model. I see what you did - either way they want a bit of profit back and it’s just what they call it. Can you / are you motivated enough to widen search to adjacent states?

Further edit - other dealers can dealer trade for it if they need a unit moved at end of month, they would just get it from your current dealer and do the deal instead- but it might be harder for them, as they will have to take a hit somehow unless it is a sister dealership.

Your current dealer may give it straight to them to get it off the lot

I am searching now for dealers within 1000 miles with similar 2017s.

I am doubting most dealers would want to trade stock to give me this type of deal but I guess that is worth a shot as well.

19% on 2017 540 is a fantastic deal. I am gunning for 25% off a 2016 750xi which now seems doable.

Could you repost your deal? I do not see it. Thanks

Any thoughts on this?

Need more data. What are your incentives?

@Electrifi38 Not sure, but you can see the total savings number (incentives are rolled into that number). “Cash Down” includes MSDs and drive offs ($4900 MSD’s, $1200 Drive off).
Money Factor is 0.00120.
The residual is 57%

Ok, money factor appears to be marked up from base .0014. After MSDs, it should be .00091. Bank fee is $925. I can’t tell what else the dealer is doing though.

Here are more details of the deal I am getting:

MF is 0.00020. MSD’s are equal to a months payment rounded up to the nearest $50. Each MSD lowers the MF 0.00007. So, if I do 7 (max) MSD’s it lowers my MF by 0.00049 and puts it at 0.00071. Dealer included dealer allowance and corp discount in addition to their internet discount.

Any thoughts on this?