Lease contract lost

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About 1 month ago, I leased a Silverado 1500 and oday I received a call from my dealer claiming that GM lost the lease contract and that I have to stop in ASAP to resign.
Is there something I should be aware of prior to heading in?
Also, I have another leased vehicle which I would like to get out of (2 years left.) Could I somehow renegotiate my original lease terms with the Chevy dealer to have them take my other lease prior to signing? Is this possible?
Just wondering how to best approach.


Do you still have your copy of the lease contract? If so, I’d make sure they aren’t making a material change to the contract. Sounds fishy to me.

All paperwork I had originally signed is in my possession. I guess I will be bringing this with me to cross reference.

Second question (1st renegotiating): I have been contacted by quite a few dealers in the area with some amazing lease numbers on the same vehicle. Given that my original lease contract has been lost, could I get out of the current truck and go with another dealer?
This may be frowned upon, but the numbers I’m getting are fantastic!


I’m not sure about getting out of the contract. I guess I’d first verify that they really have lost the contract. Sometime when this happens, it’s because there was something in the original that they want to change. See the threads about the mileage overage charges for all the Hellcat leases from the forum regulars. They were told .25/mile and then FCA came back and said “oops that should have been .50/mile”. They sent out new contracts, but most users got some kind of concession for signing the new contract.
I can’t speak to the legalities here. You might want to talk to consult a lawyer after finding out the details of the current contract.

This is BS. I find it very difficult to believe they lost the paperwork… it’s all computer generated and they enter it into heir systems when they process it. If they truly did somehow lose it … Make a copy of the lease agreement that you have in your possession and give it to them, and make sure they know they should owe you for that favor… this is a HUGE screw up on their part.

If you lost your lease agreement, do you think they would allow you to change or re-do the lease agreement? Absolutely not!

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Exactly! I am now wondering what my best approach is with asking them for some kind of discount/favor.
I am now toying with the idea of letting them know that I want to back out of the contract completely, given that there isn’t one (so they are claiming) and move into another Silverado with a another local dealer (amazing lease offer).
This should give me some good feedback should I proceed with this route.

That’s really not how it works.

Firstly, OP, call the lender and ask if they have the deal and what the status is.

The contact is a legal document that is in paper form. If it didn’t arrive via the mail or was damaged it would in a sense, be useless.

If they’re asking in good faith,for you to resign, you should do it. You can certainly ask for something off(oil changes or the like) but it’s not on them.

If you don’t have a valid contract and the vehicle isn’t yours…yet.

Ha - I read the OP a bit too quickly and misunderstood what was being said (inferred that they wanted you to resign/cancel your lease). My bad! They just want you to re-sign the paperwork. That’s not a big deal. If it’s convenient to you to go to the dealership, I would go ahead. As @anon98469396 mentioned, verify no changes to the details.

If it’s not convenient to you, I would either ask them to mail the contract to you along with a prepaid envelope to return it. Or, ask them to provide you with some compensation (maintenance credit, etc) for the inconvenience of coming in to help them resolve their error.

I would not recommend trying to back out of the lease or ask for anything related to a separate vehicle lease. If you truly feel that you want to do that, proceed with caution. You did both sign an agreement and you should honor your role in that - that’s just my personal take on the ethics involved.

Let us know how you decide to play it. Cheers!

Thanks for all info. The last thing I would want is to take advantage of something that could happen to anyone. I will fulfill my lease agreement, but was wondering “if” I were not to, would there be any repercussion in doing so given that supposedly GM lost my lease agreement.
I will contact the dealer and see where it takes me.
Will update soon…

No - there would not be any repercussions. They will unwind the deal and take the car back.