Lease Check - 2019 Mazda3 Select (Red) - SoCal

Hi guys,

Here’s the lowest bid I’ve gotten so far from a dealer in the area. Just looking for some feedback on how good it is and how much room you think I have to bring the monthly down past what it is right now.

Fast facts:

  • $294/mo, all-in incl. tax
  • MSRP $241115
  • MF / Residual: .00001% / 52%
  • Selling Price: 21616.67 (I think? Might not be reading it right)
  • 36 mo/10k mi
  • $0 Down + $0 DAS

Lease Calculator Link.

Attached is the deal sheet. I’m not sure I’m reading it right (I don’t understand the fees section), but plugging it in to the calculator seems to spit out the right numbers at least.

No. Brokers on here are doing the Mazda 3 select for 240 0DAS without any rebates. Check the marketplace.

In SoCal? I just went through the marketplace and don’t see anything like that. Can you provide a link?

Even this guy in the Northeast has it for $269 but with a whopping $1499 DAS.

Could be wrong but I believe this one is FWD - the one listed on mine is AWD (higher MSRP, higher PMT). Nonetheless, great job negotiating @taikis, take it and run! Residual sucks on these!

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Ah you might be right. I think it was a NYC.

If @AutoNinjas thinks its okay then go for it. Maybe these just don’t lease well, but I just can’t get over the fact that after 3 years its worth half. :frowning:

Well I got someone to beat it by $4 off the monthly so it seems there is room to wiggle… I should at least send this out to everyone and see if they can beat.

If you have loyalty or military aim for $20 off the monthly.

I don’t unfortunately. Once I get the deal sheet for the $290/mo, I’ll just blast that out to everyone else and see what they do.

I ended up almost exactly on this deal for a Mazda 3 Select 36/12 near end of July in SouthFlorida after a lot of negotiating and checking dealers from Orlando to Miami.

Mazda 3 Select Sedan FWD
MSRP: $23,520
Selling Price: $19,500

  • Included $720 Mazda lease cash

Adjusted Cap Cost: $21,400

  • Included $595 Mazda Acq fee
  • Florida Doc Fees $800 (#&&$&&#!)
  • Goverment/License Fees/Upfront Taxes $450
    Residual = 51% (set by Mazda/Chase Financial); $11,995
    MF = .00001 (set by Mazda/Chase Financial); watch for markup
    Payment: $265 + tax

Note: I did not have Mazda loyalty but if I did that is $750 additional discount and another $750 if you have a Mazda 3. This deal would be $220+ tax monthly if I had Mazda 3 loyalty

To close this they added free maintenance (oil change and rotations) for the first 30K and tinted windows. I figured this was worth $10+ a month.

Likely going to buy the car at lease end for $11,995 unless it has quality issues or a CarFax accident mark. I went for the free financing on the lease and built-in GAP lease insurance with teen drivers.

There was maybe another $10 a month at the most from another dealer by waiting but the maintenance/tint and getting the color desired took priority

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Yes a Civic leased better and the Accord 1.5T was close, but we were really impressed with the new Mazda 3 for the entry sedan segment with teen drivers. Didn’t like the new Corolla and Jetta R-line lease was not working out at all.

My 6-month Mazda 3 insurance was also 15% lower than Honda and 20% lower than Jetta when quoted by State Farm

Yes. No harm in trying to work more dealers. Multiple dealers told me they were losing money and it was a matter of who was willing to lose the most. Yet three of them came in under the $270 a month $0 DAS before monthly tax. LOL

A few talked a big game said others were lying and bait and switch and go sign the deal immediatley if true. Blah blah blah…

Mazda is sucking right now. The new 3 isn’t selling very well. There should be more room to deal this month.

It is a nicely designed car packed with safety features and a new design for 2019. Really been impressed with the car over the first few weeks.

Hey folks, just an update - I’ve gotten this down to $285/mo (all-in, taxes included) + free washes + they deliver the car, so I think I’m going to take the deal. Haven’t had much luck getting lower than this, but I’m pretty happy with it.

Question - what do I need to look out for on the paperwork to make sure they’re not pushing addons on me and that the deal is exactly what they say? Is there a guide on this somewhere?

Hello! looking for MF, Residual and other numbers for Mazda3 2019 Sedan Select package. Sorry posting it in this thread, I am noew and haven’t figured out how to start a new thread! Help is appreciated!

Thank You

link for newbies