Lease check - 2019 BMW X1 Loaner


Thoughts on this offer? Discount seems low but that seems to be the trend for the Chicagoland area. One dealer I reached out to told me to get lost after offering 20% off sale price.

2019 BMW X1
MSRP: 43750
Sales: 37800
Incentive: 3000
MF: .00128
RV: 58%
Mileage: approx 4k

With 7 MSDs, 400/month including tax, plus government/dealer fees at signing.

Give them @Electricā€™s cell phone number for that :wink:

I have his number, but Iā€™m not giving it out. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did you end up closing the deal?

You should post this in a separate/your own thread.

17.5% discount if you deduct the protection package.

What state? Tax rate? Link to the calculator?