Lease Calculator Issue

Hi, Is it just me or maybe I don’t know how to use the calculator properly… but aren’t we supposed to be able to put in the make of the car? I don’t have that option. It’s stuck on “select make”

Am I doing something wrong?

The calculator cares not what model you are considering - it cares about the leasing rules for the brand’s captive lender (eg who allows multiple security deposits, acquisition fee, etc.).

You verify the residual, MF, and incentives with Edmunds. It can’t know everything for every make/model, it does its best.

You verify the price with CarGurus or TrueCar or a service like that. It can’t know that.

You plug it all in to get a sense of what your optimum payment should be.

Yes, the Make is the 1st thing. Reload the calc as sometimes it’s glitchy.

If you are using the calculator from behind a proxy server or firewall it may not work. The calculator uses Google Docs or something to populate its pulldowns. I know my biz blocks this.

That must be it… I’m doing this from behind a gov’t computer. Thanks man!

use your phone ez peezy.

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I prefer using my laptop, seeing the calculator, forum, cargurus, dealer website etc on the screens at the same time. If I click on a calculator link I want to see all numbers populated and not having to reenter everything manually from the numbers in the URL every time. Why even use that Google docs or whatever?

understandable, my numbers on mobile don’t change when I flip to a different tab or app btw. All you really need is MSRP and selling price if you are shopping one particular model. Everything else is standard