Lease Calculator doesn’t match dealer quote (help)


I’m negotiating a deal for an x5 lease and got what seems like a decent quote:

15% off on a demo w 4,000 miles; 2019 x5 40i

MSRP $66245
Selling $56300
15% discount

MF (post MSD) .00093

Residual 58% ($37,422 factoring demo miles)

I pay 9% tax; first month, acquisition fee, registration due at signing. $0 cap cost reduction

LH calc says: $624 post-tax

Dealer calculated $666.59

I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong…

We need to see the dealer’s worksheet and your calculator link.


Here is my calculator. I don’t have his sheet. Just got the numbers over email and confirmed on a call. Plugged in to LH and there’s a discrepancy

You are missing the dealer fee. Did the dealer say the DAS amount is $2035?

From his email:

“Just inception fees due at delivery ($ 666 1st pmt., $4900 Security, $1008.25 Bank Fee incl. tax, $289.97 new registration = $6863.”

So $1963 when you exclude MSDs. My calculator is a bit higher than this but only by $100ish…

Incidentally, when I divide the total lease cost ( $23,928) by 36, I get $664. So, basically his number. Weird. The payments I see are still lower. Less concerning, though

Here is the lease sheet. When I plug the Sale price, miles, MF etc into the calc, I’m getting a way lower payment

That doesn’t look like a dealer lease worksheet. Where is the doc fee?

In your calculation, you are counting the incentive twice.

That is from the dealer. My calculator is above in the link. I plugged in his #s and get a wildly different monthly payment.

According to my math, a 15% discount on $66245; base MF; 4k miles on residual should be much lower than $666/mo.

I’ll call him and see what’s going on.

Your demo miles (thus RV) and sales price are wrong. If you fix those, the numbers match pretty close.

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Thanks, Jon

That’s the first time i’ve seen a dealer worksheet in an xls format.

basically, my issue was double counting the incentive. Did not realize it was on the sheet later, so I included it in my selling price

Calculator that match dealer quote

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