Lease buyout title


I am in the process of Vroom buyout for my lease X3. After providing the driver license, registration, I got an email saying they require additional documents. In particular, they require me to upload “trade title”. Since this is a leased car, the title should be with BMW Financial Services, right. What is this trade title I need to upload?

No idea but I would start by calling Vroom and asking.

I’ve been on hold at Vroom for the past hour so I hope someone on the forum who actually sold a leased car to Vroom might be helpful.

Check to see if BMW would know what it is or if it’s something that they can provide.

When I sold my Nissan to ALGO, when they asked for paperwork under title it said they did not need it if it was a lease.

I just sold one to Vroom. You don’t need to provide the title, but the document upload step requires that you upload an image. So just upload an image of a piece of paper that says lease in it or email the docs to

Thanks! I just called the rep. The rep also says leased cars do not require title, but did not answer my question of how to handle that email. I guess I will upload a blank paper as you suggested.

She did say that I would need to obtain a dealer payoff quote from BMW. Do we get a separate email requiring us to upload the dealer payoff quote later?

I believe I did get an email asking for the payoff letter. It just told me to send it to the same email address I linked above.

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