Lease Buyout Section?

Unsure if this has already been suggested if so feel free to delete.

Would love to see a place where folks turning in leases could sell to a private party to avoid a markup from a third party.

Currently the car market is a bit overpriced due to the pandemic and residuals may be lower than market value.

Would LH be a good place for this?

It’s not easy to get around the sales tax issue in most states that makes buying it out and selling to a 3rd party rarely make sense.

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I see, so state specific sections wouldn’t be doable? For example the 10 day tax rule in California - it would be possible to buyout someone else’s lease with both parties within the state correct without doubling the tax liability.

Would it be doable? Sure. Do we really need 50 state specific subforums for a classified section of people trying to unload their leases?

That sounds like a solution looking for a problem that just doesn’t exist. I don’t see there being a market on a forum for people trying to maximizing their leasing dollar in purchasing used leases. This place is made up of the complete opposite of the target market.

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Do you understand how many farts a car takes in on three year lease term? It would be pandemonium and I’m not sure we could handle it.

100 percent agree, hacking a lease makes it cheaper then buying.

Exactly, people are so hard stuck on buying a used car. There are cases where it may be cheaper but you can’t generalize one financial decision/product over the other without grasping or digging into it.

Whoever tells you that driving a 5k econobox and abusing it for 3 years is better than a free bolt is crazy.

Not really. The eyeballs looking for used cars are all on the usual suspects of used car sites. LH would have mostly sellers and few buyers.

Plus only 1 state AFAIK allows the lessee to buy the car from the lessor without paying sales tax, so it’s pretty much a non-starter everywhere else.

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