Lease Buyout Second Owner?

Hi, simple question that I couldn’t find the answer to. When someone buys out their own lease, would they be counted as the second or first owner?

In what context are you asking? There’s no right or wrong answer really.

If I bought out my leased car then decided to list it for sale a few years later I would have no problem saying that I’m the original owner even though the bank technically “owned” it first for a few years.

The leasing bank is the first, you would be the second owner.


I was wondering in terms of those car reporting services like Autocheck, Carfax etc. Was looking at a used car and it only had 10k miles. First owner showed as a lease and second as personal. 2nd owner only had it for like 2k miles and I was wondering if one reason could be that they just bought out their lease before selling it to a dealer.

Sounds like a reasonable guess

Also reasonable to wonder what difference it makes.