Lease Buyout Financing Recommendations

Hello all - long time lurker and serial leaser, but this is my first post here.

Long story short, my 2019 BMW 330ix is coming off lease next month and I am very much considering buying the car for the reasons that you’d expect: the current market inventory situation, uncertainty of new order timelines, my car has options not available now like parking package and H/K, and finally my wife vetoed the idea of a Jeep 4xe lease (yup, I’ve been lurking here quite a while).

So my question to you all is: what are recommended lenders who provide good rates and services for lease buyout loans? Especially ones that don’t make you jump through hoops to sell the car later to a third-party (I ideally want to keep the car for a year or two until the market cools down).

I’ve seen mixed opinions about PenFed, has anyone done a lease buyout loan with them recently? Or just any other banks that are worth considering?

I use them all the time. Must have tier 1 credit and subscribe to autopay for lowest rate. Cash deposit in 24hrs. You keep a lien free title.

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I use Logix credit union, they are pretty easy to work with. I just checked and it says they give out auto loans in VA.

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I recommend LightStream and Penfed.

1 Like still offers low rates.

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Penfed is a pain - impossible to get to live person.

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I used DCU a couple of months ago for a BMW lease buyout. Really quick & easy process and good rates.

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Would you guys recommend these for a Honda buyout also?