Lease Buyout Finance Questions

Looking to purchase my 2020 Infiniti QX60, I still can’t believe the market has come to this use to be the worse thing ever to buy a lease out :joy:
Question is, should I even entertain going through Infiniti or would it have to be CPO’d regardless to get a loan.

Penfed is at 4,29% which I can get approved. Just looking to see if anyone had experience with these options.

Appreciate your feedback

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TCO (total cost of ownership) over 3-4 years will be lower with a brand new Telluride or Highlander than your used QX60.


Idk, I got a great lease deal for $290 at 30 months minimal down payment. Now I owe 31,000, only about 18,000 miles on it too. If i had more miles on it, I’d prob bail on it.

I sold my wife’s '19 qx60 to an Infiniti dealership a couple of days ago in NJ. Pay off was $28,4xx they gave me $29k. I happily told him deal and took my plates off as fast as I could. I hate that car and luckily she only used it to commute/Home Depot runs. Saved dispo fee and truck was over mileage, had a quarter sized dent, broken turn signal light on the mirror, bumper was scratched and front seat had paint splatter. Long term idk if its a good idea for you to keep it. CVT trans starting feeling funny/bucking sometimes at 32k miles. Tires wear fast as well.

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Sell it to who ever gives you the most equity, and get out of it.

What your payment is/was is irrelevant to the discussion of buying it out. Unless you’re thinking of extending your lease. But the payoff won’t go down with additional payments under NMAC’s lease extension contract.

Ended up buying out ours because only 22k mile and currently looking to keep for 12-18 months or I can find another deal (Santa Fe plugin, Sorrento plugin, Highlander hybrid, etc). Would I have preferred to buy out a CX9 or Highlander, sure. Our QX60 has been fine aside from one set of front tires, hoping alignment sorted that out. CVT was a concern of mine, from what I saw on forums pre-2018 models had more issues, also saw some recommendations to drain and fill transmission fluid (not flush as that is under pressure) to help preserve CVT life. If we end up keeping more than a year will discuss with our local mechanic. Also would look to add aftermarket carplay module and extended warranty if looks to be a long term car for us.

NWFCU was 2.19% interest rate and easy to deal with. In NJ can buyout directly from Infiniti financial, although the payoff time frame was ~18 business days for them to process the check.