Lease Buyout 2014 BMW 320i with M Sport Package

The lease of my 2014 BMW 320i is about to end in four weeks. The RV was set to $24,412 and the dealer has offered me to buy it out for $20,282 plus $510 Doc fee, $517 licence fee and Taxes. The car only needs a set of new tires.

The MSRP was $38,750
Mileage right now 25k
Extras: M Sport Package

I am not sure whether buy it out or not. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Do you like the car enough to buy it for $21k?

If so, yes.

Bmw inflates their residuals so it’s very common for them to offer you a better deal than the residual. You can also look into getting the car cpo’d so you would have two more years of warranty.