Lease buyback on a 2017 GS 350, Lexus "dealer fee", and Vroom offer

Seeking wise council from the group-
My lease is up in 1 month. I’m in a 2017 Lexus GS 350, 35k miles. I’m in sunny S. Florida.

My payoff is 1 more month at $620 + RV of $28,336.
Current offers I’m seeing for similar models are in the 35k range.

Call the closest local dealer since LFA sends you to dealership to handle the buyback. Dealer tells me they charge a $799 dealer fee + about $100 for title/tag transfer + 2k local sales tax.
I feel like the $799 is BS, do all dealers charge this?

Went to Vroom and they offered me $29,270. So I’m thinking why not take Vroom offer and put $934 in my pocket?

1st question is does Vroom pay off LFA directly?
2nd - does Vroom pay off the sales tax too? Wouldn’t make sense if they don’t.

Any advice or other questions I should be asking? Ideally I get into a nice midsize import with ventilated seats for 500/mo tax in.

Get your payoff from Lexus Financials & if there’s any equity sell your car to vroom. I did it & didn’t have any problem.
Vroom payoff directly to LFS & positive equity will be mailed out to you.
Vroom offer includes everything, they don’t pay sales tax because they are wholesale dealer.

  1. Yes, but in Fl by law, you must go through a dealer to buyout the car, and FL dealer fee of 799 is actually not the highest, on the lower end I’ve seen (then again skewed by JLR and BMW so ymmv).
  2. No, my general answer is dealers don’t pay sales tax.

Lexus of Orlando/Winter Park advertises no dealer fees. JM Lexus in S. Fl. also advertises no dealer fees. Might be worth calling them.

Thanks for the wise council!