Lease BMW from another State?

I negotiated a lease with a dealer with the assumption I could do all of the paper work from NC. However the dealer is insisting that the BMW lease paperwork must be filled out in person (in FL). does anyone have a work around for this? I thought I could just have the paperwork sent via overnight. I dont mind having a notary sign or what not.


Cannot directly answer the question but everyone here bemoans FL dealers due to pitiful discounts, inflated MF, $700-799 doc fees, etc.

Have you thought about MD, PA and NJ dealers?

MD caps the dealer fees at $300. :slight_smile: Just a thought…

Would love to find one in another state. Unfortunately the 2016 BMW x5 40e is getting to be slim pickings other than a few base models.

Got a great discount (I think) but I did call them out on a marked up MF. Doc fees are similar to here in NC - robbery prices.

Found a demo closer to the house but dealer insisted he should be getting new car price for it.