Lease Assumption Ads on LA Craigslist

See below if anybody wants to take over a cheap lease:
I’d negotiate the own payment an security

These are what people are paying but if you see a good deal but I would try and get the deal down.

These all seem sketchy as fuck. Multiple ads, different cars, different payments, but almost the same text and story.

They are people who are trying to get out of there lease an some are pretty decent and others are average. I use these to gauge what people are paying so I can try and get a lower payment.

Did anyone every taken over a Lease? I’ve done two and I saved down payment but had to pay transfer costs (but if the leasee is motivated then those payments are waived). First take over I did was a 2012 MBZ E350 Sport for $399 a month lest tax (MSRP was $53K). All I had to pay was transfer fees and pick up the car after two weeks of paper work processing. The original owner had to pay $3999 up front and all I had to pay was the transfer fee and monthly. Not bad for a MBZ. The next lease transfer I did was a 2014 MBZ E350 Sport for $499 (P2 white with pano - MSRP was $63K). He put down over 5K but all I had to do was pay the lease transfer fees and the monthly of $499 a month less tax. I think the forum should have a special portion for lease transfer. There are great deals if you negotiate the down payment and security deposit.

You lease a used 1-3 years old MY car with a good amount of miles on it, remember this. Not the same as leasing a loaner from a dealer. But may be good for many people.

You get shorter terms and no hard sell from dealers so that may be the route to go for some.

Taking over a lease is one of the safest transactions around.

Just saying, OPs last topic was closed for spam, and some of the links sounded spammy and suspicious.

So buyer beware

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