Lease Alfa Romeo Stelvo Ti MSRP$49590 24m/10K $399/month with trade in

I just got this today.

Stelvo Ti

**MSRP: $49590
**Selling Price: $41000 + 399 (Security Guard Thief Deterrent System) = $41399
**Monthly Payment: $399.71
**Cash Due at Signing: $1000 (Including First Month)

24 month / 10k miles per year.

Philly area

Comparing other lease deal around, I dont think this is a great deal. Everyone getting MSRP $51K and get $400/month with $0 down.

But, I traded in my 2018 BMW M3. MSRP $78K (I paid $74K OTD). Pay off is $60K. First they offered me $63k, but after 30 mins of silence/thinking/back and forth, I got $65K out of it. I think this trade in value is very good.

Since couple months ago, I tried to get a trade in value for the car, usually I got $58K to $60K quote for trade in. At that time, KBB is not available.

But this month, KBB finally had 2018 M3 on the list, and the trade in value KBB quote is from $62K to $65K.

So, based on the old trade in offer I received months ago, $65K trade in is excellent value for me.

That’s why, I close the deal.

I think I could done better, but since I told the sales if they can get me $65K on the trade in and $400/month with $0 down, I will close the deal. Now it’s only off by $600. I guess I am happy.

So my monthly payment dropped from $1400 to $400. That is GREAT!!!

So you rolled in $5000 worth of positive equity? If so, you just paid for someone’s vacation with an effective payment of $650 a month


No no. I got a check for $5000 back.

Why did you get the M3 in the first place?

M3 was my everyday car. But months ago, I work from home instead of go to work. So no need to keep the m3. I have 3 other cars to drive if I need to. And I want to lower my payment so i can get more money for my next house.