Lease A Ford with Bad Credit

I am due to turn in my 2014 Fusion Lease in a few months and would like to lease an 2018 F150 Lariat . When I leased the Fusion, I had a Credit score of over 700. Since then , I had a few financial setbacks ( that I am recovered from now) but it has cause my credit score to drop to around 600. I have never missed a lease payment and I have a total of 7 late payments through various CCs over the past 3 years. So my question is what are my chances of being able to lease another Ford? Do they have a Loyalty program that would make it easier for me that a new leaser?

My income is good but my scores are down

Ford is welcoming people like you with open arms… I don’t think your missed CC payment will impact your ability to lease since you stayed current on your lease


A major auto lender has decided to change its approval process to look beyond credit scores in an effort to pump up sales.

The move by Ford Motor’s financing unit is expected to unfold in coming years, even as concerns mount about rising auto-loan losses in the industry. Ford Motor Credit is expected to announce the plans as soon as Friday.

The company says it is looking at ways to increase loan and lease approvals for applicants with limited credit histories. These consumers are often denied credit because they lack a history of managing debt and as a result have low credit scores. Ford’s credit division plans to review new data to try to determine whether these customers, as well as those with more robust borrowing histories, are likely to repay their loans.

Thanks I didnt know Ford was doing that