Lease 2017 GMC Acadia SLE1 Florida

MSRP $34250.77
Sale Price $31721.25
Residual $20660.70
Lease Value $14300.91
Amt Due at signing $3666.00
Disp Fee $495
Lic & Reg Fee $172.85
Sales Tax $107.67
Fl Fees/EFile Fee $337.50
Depreciation $11060.55
Rent Charge $2430.72
Total of Base scheduled payments $13491.27
had a VPP code and Geico Ins.
39 months / 10K miles
monthly payments $345.93
Car Care, Wear $ Tear, Road Hazard $20.76

Total Monthly - $366.67

How did I do? Did I get ripped off?

If you already signed, enjoy the car. I don’t want to comment on the deal and then make you regret it for the duration the lease. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to ask before you signed?


am wondering the same thing!!! why did you not post this before signing??!!

I was quoted $255 with 3000 due for a SLE1 and didn’t take it cause it seemed high with that amount up front