Lease 19 VW Jetta 1.4T SE w/ SULEV

MSRP $23,865
Selling Price $ 21,454
Gross Cap Cost $24,135.90
Residual $13,842
Money Factor 0.00036

7500 miles / 36 months
$321 due at signing
$0 down

Where are you located? Also, you should update the title to reflect that it’s a Jetta. Seems very expensive for what it is.

Post here and confirm Residual, Money Factor, and any incentives.

here is a so cal dealer offers

Located in Florida

Go to and put in your zip code, VW Jetta, etc. The sale price is very high. I don’t know where you are in FL but here is an example one with the same MSRP in Tampa. Assuming the sale price is the same for a lease as for a purchase, the price analysis below shows your current sale price is a little shy of $3k away from a great price.

Not exactly sure why the prices are so different. I contacted the two local dealerships here and they both gave me almost the same exact sales price which is the same for both lease and purchase.

I checked incentives and I don’t qualify for any which was about $500

I’m going to contact the dealers in Tampa

When dealers post on cargurus, most seems to add every possible rebates out there. Should make sure if there are restrictions.

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This is always good advice.

I found a copule dealerships that were including a $1,000 trade-in allowance but not mentioning it at all on the cargurus listing, so they were roughly $1,000 lower than their nearest competitor. I emailed cargurus and they said that the practice violated their pricing policy and that they would investigate and resolve the issue.

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So basically - I could potentially qualify for a $1000 trade in allowance (if applicable)?

My comment about that was when I was looking nationally at Subaru WRX prices…not specific to your Jetta search at all. Where you need to be careful of is to get an itemized breakdown of the difference between the MSRP and the sale price. You want to know how much the dealership is discounting the vehicle and how much of the difference is due to incentives/rebates. If a dealership says the sale price is $5,000 lower than MSRP, but a factory incentive is $3,500 of it, they’re only discounting the vehicle $1,500.

As @Eugene.K mentioned, the shadiest dealers list a sale price that includes rebates/incentives that not everyone qualifies for i.e. they may bake in a college graduate and military personnel rebate into their sale price.

From the looks of it, Brandon VW shows that the $5,000 is a dealer discount, without any incentives/rebates. You should always confirm this with the dealership via email. Click their “Get E-price” but don’t put in your phone number or use a Google Voice number. The fine print says their doc fee is $999.99, so dealerships can find creative ways to make up for a large discount.

Need at least another $1500 off, especially with the crazy Florida doc fee. For this payment you could probably get into a 3 series loaner.

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Agree with the discount being bigger. Trying to help out my aunt. This is for her. These dealerships like to take advantage of the older demographic down here

Funny because in an email I just got from Brandon VW their sales price is $21,943 (before taxes)

Here’s the lease calculator that should give you a rough look at what an offer from Brandon VW would look like assuming 6% tax rate - not sure what it would actually be in your case.

Send them a screenshot of their own webpage. It’s no coincidence that their cargurus dealer price is the same as the cargurus price analysis “Great Price”

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Just did

The biggest problem with that price is that is on a purchase, I doubt they’ll honor it on a lease. Back in December there was a few deals posted with $4k off on a lease.

Perhaps however, in the email I received from them directly after contacting them, I didn’t specify lease or purchase so either way there is a discrepancy. However, the local VW here is offering the same sales price lease or purchase.

I’m looking forward to hearing their response.

Did you ever get a response from them? Did they honor the listed price?